You are the thread that holds your life together.

If you suddenly weren't around...

Would your loved ones find everything they needed to keep thriving?

Would your loved ones find everything they needed to keep thriving?

You are the thread that holds your life together.

If you suddenly weren't around…

Would your loved ones find everything they needed to keep thriving?

If you got sick or injured or worse, who in your life would know...

  • Where you bank and save your money?
  • What insurance coverage you have?
  • How many credit cards carry a balance?
  • When bills are due?
  • How much you owe in loans?
  • The passwords to your important accounts?
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Don't leave your family a logistical nightmare to untangle

It’s terrible to think about the worst case scenario.

However, if your loved ones lose you, they shouldn’t be searching for missing documents or passwords or account numbers. They should have the space to grieve and move forward. 

Estate in One Place is one simple account that helps you store everything important to you. Everything that your family will need if tragedy strikes.

Estate in One Place is the simple, compassionate solution for your loved ones.

Estate in One Place is the simple, compassionate solution for your loved ones.

We make it easy to record the important pieces of your life and store them all in one place.

If the worst happens, your loved ones deserve a simple solution to find everything important.

Our software uses the same encryption used by banks, the military and the U.S. government.

“People with the best intentions think their loved ones will open the right drawer and find everything they need. It’s never that simple.”

Andrew Rosenberg, Estate in One Place founder

Estate in One Place is "the icing on the cake to a life that's very good."

— Andrew Solomon, from The Villages, Fla.

"But... I don't have an estate."

Your estate is everything you own and owe.

So, yes. You do have an estate. Everyone does!

At Estate in One Place, we believe everyone needs an easy place to store their most important documents, information and wishes.

We also believe it’s unkind to assume that your loved ones will be able to figure everything out on their own.

Think about it:

  • If you have a lot of debt, your loved ones need to know.
  • If you have valuable savings or assets, your loved ones NEED to know.
  • If you have a secret family recipe that must be passed on to maintain the family legacy… your loved ones NEED to know!

Estate in One Place was created to help grieving families

In 30 years as an estate planning lawyer, Andy Rosenberg has helped hundreds of families through the loss of a loved one. Without a plan in place, an unexpected tragedy becomes a nightmare of lost paperwork and missing information.

Estate in One Place was created to ease that logistical burden. Taking time to compile the important parts of your life into one secure place will save your loved ones from unnecessary hardships later. 

“Someone who has just lost a loved one shouldn’t be worried about passwords to the bank account or bills they don’t know about,” Andy says.

Andy helps families ensure their final wishes are honored from his office in Coral Springs, FloridaTo find out more about preparing an estate plan in Florida, visit the Rosenberg Law Firm.  

Andrew Rosenberg is a graduate of Indiana University School of Business with a bachelor’s degree in finance and a law degree from Stetson University College of Law.

"Extremely easy to use... I highly recommend it."

“I’m 66 years old. I’m healthy, in great shape and still working. But I’m at the point where I’m starting to think about making it easier on our son, should anything happen to my wife and I.

“I found the platform extremely easy to use and navigate through. I’m very computer friendly, even though I’m a little bit older.

“Like anything where you’re putting in personal information, my only concern was security. I read more about what security is in place, and it seems to be the same type of security that a bank would use, which I think is as secure as you can get.

“I highly recommend it.”

— Kent Bernarduci
Estate in One Place customer from Boynton Beach, Fla.

Setting up an account is simple!

Step 1:

Sign up for an account.

Step 2:

Record or upload your important information.

Don’t worry…. We’ll guide you though the process! 

Each week, you’ll receive an email with a few easy steps to complete. By the end of six weeks, your account contain all the information you want to pass on to your loved ones. 

We know you’re busy. We made it easy to get it all done. 

Step 3:

Decide who should have access.

That's it!

Better yet, we give you 45 days to try Estate in One Place — absolutely free!

During the six weeks while you set up your account — with the help of our easy email guide — your subscription is free. 

If you decide your loved ones don’t deserve all the vital information to keep their lives running smoothly… 

Well, we certainly won’t hold your hard-earned dollars hostage!  


What you should include in your Estate in One Place account:

A simple price for peace of mind.

Knowing that your loved ones will find everything they need if tragedy strike is priceless. However, we also believe in providing our service at an affordable rate. 

A subscription for Estate in One Place costs just $9 a month or $99 a year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click a question to see the answers.

How protected is my information stored on Estate in One Place?

We offer military-level security. Click here for more details

Can I cancel the service at any time?

Yes. Cancel from within your account with the click of a button. Your information is stored for 90 days as a courtesy before it’s deleted completely.

If I am married or have a partner, do we need two accounts?

Nope! Each account allows for two Co-Owners, each with their own password and access. Click here to find out more about how to set up a co-owner.

I’m single and have no children. Is Estate in One Place for me?

Absolutely! Estate in One Place gives you control over your information in case of an emergency. You can designate anyone you’d like as an authorized user and decide what they have access to.

Do I really NEED Estate in One Place?

But your loved ones need it.

They need to be able to find everything important to you if tragedy strikes.
You won’t be around to worry about where all your savings and properties end up.

You won’t have to deal with that one obscure credit card your family won’t remember.

And you won’t be able to decide how your children are cared for or help them find the benefits that were meant to help them thrive.
You don’t need Estate in One Place. But your family deserves it.
No one likes to think about tragedies. But they happen. To well-meaning, thoughtful people. People who would have organized everything if they knew the exact day they wouldn’t be around anymore.

The problem is, you don’t know when it will be too late to leave everything in order.
Plan today, so your loved ones aren’t untangling a mess tomorrow.
A young couple shop in a grocery store with their young child.
Three adult children pose with their parents.
A daughter watches her mother cook.
Plan today, so your loved ones aren’t untangling a mess tomorrow.