Life Planning Checklist

Life Planning Checklist

Advice for all the life plans you’ve been putting off, from the experts who wish you wouldn’t

Life as a modern adult is overwhelming. 

Every moment, responsibilities from work, home life, school and relationships battle for our attention and focus.

Every time you think you’re getting ahead, an unexpected calamity sends your plans back to the drawing board.

The car breaks down.

A loved one gets sick.

Your hours get cut at work.

The people around you seem to be handling life as an adult so much better than you are. They talk about the future without the flutter of panic that catches in your throat. They seem organized and more confident. They probably have colleges picked out for their kids.

Meanwhile, your life is packaged in “One day…” statements:

One day, I’ll get my life together and stop renting…

One day, I’ll make enough to save for retirement.

One day, I’ll think about life insurance… whatever that is.

One day, I’ll be rich enough to need a will…

… Won’t I?

On the whole, you feel like you missed a class somewhere about being an adult.

Of course, the information is out there somewhere. But who has the time to Google all the answers to “What did I forget about my life today?”

Life Planning Checklist is a twice-monthly email packed with actionable advice on navigating modern day life. 

You’ll hear from Andy about how to prepare for the unexpected and leave a legacy behind. You’ll also get advice from other experts about: 

  • Investing your money
  • Insuring your life
  • Getting a mortgage
  • Budgeting and saving
Plus, we’ll entertain you along the way. Because who has time for boring advice?

Join the Checklist, and take small steps to a more confident future!

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