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“If you love your wife, the benefits are enormous.”

“If you love your wife, the benefits are enormous because you’re basically doing her a favor.”

“I had a heart attack two years ago. A triple bypass. And I realized, after I survived it, that things would have been a mess for my wife.

“And my wife is no dummy. She’s a business person. She’s smart. But I do most of the items that would be totally unknown to her if anything happens to me.

“It becomes kind of silly until it’s not because there are so many things that are being paid for — the lawn guy, the shrub guy, the landscaper, the garbage people. We have amenity fees that have to be paid and things like that.

“When I die, I assume she’s going to be upset, and she doesn’t need the stress of trying to figure out what’s going on for the next six months.

“She’ll be on top of it right away as quickly as she wants to be.”

— Andrew Solomon

Customer from The Villages, Fla.

Extremely easy to use... I highly recommend it.”

“I’ve been in that position a few times where I’ve had older family members pass away, and it’s been just pandamonium trying to figure out where everything was, even with just a basic will. 

“My wife is a private investigator, so she has access to a lot of things that most people don’t. Even with that, things could be easily missed.

“This made it a one-stop shop: Estate in One Place. 

“I’m 66 years old. I’m healthy, in great shape and still working. But I’m at the point where I’m starting to think about making it easier on our son, should anything happen to my wife and I. 

“I found the platform extremely easy to use and navigate through. I’m very computer friendly, even though I’m a little bit older. 

“Like anything where you’re putting in personal information, my only concern was security. I read more about what security is in place, and it seems to be the same type of security that a bank would use, which I think is as secure as you can get. 

“I hesitate recommending anything until I’ve used it. I’ve used it now. I’m comfortable with it so yes, I highly recommend it. 

— Kent Bernarduci
Customer from Boynton Beach, Fla.


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